Kuttab is a competent safe community for educators in The Middle East. From an experienced educator or an expert, you will get guidance, ideas, solutions that worked, opportunities to grow and much more.

Our mission

To empower a generation of problem solvers globally by empowering educators with innovative skillsets through unique training opportunities and peer to peer learning.

Why to join:

Meet like-minded educators regionally!

Through our community, we provide connections with experienced teachers in different fields who are ready to help, support and share expertise. You will be able to connect to educators across borders.

Focused community!

This community celebrates educators and empowers them. It is a safe place to share concerns and challenges without being judged.

Get answers!

This interactive community will help you get answers and feedback on your daily challenge with access to solutions that are adopted and tested by other educators.

Save you time!

No need to sink into online searches or get lost among information online. This community is dedicated to giving you the best opportunities and the best ideas that will work and save you time.

Grade Specific Content

Find the best suited content for your students that is specific to their age and needs!

Our platform features:


You can search content, topics, and members.

Accurate Members profiling!

You are connected to educators with as much specific info as we can. We designed profiles for the community benefits.

News feeds!

You will get on your page feeds according to your interests.

Sub communities!

You can create or join sub communities that are more specific to your target.

Get notifications!

We keep you informed by notification on your dashboard.

Why us:

Our platform is launched by The Alchemist Lab (Learn More about Us), a social enterprise with more than 8 years’ experience in building skills for students and teachers in both public and private schools. We have impacted more than 40 thousand children. Our work is focused on creative and critical thinking and STEAM, (science, technology, engineering, art and math). We have received global awards for advancing UNSDG’s in good education and gender equality.


Through Kuttab we are reinventing education by empowering educators with innovative skillset to lead change!